Dawn Schoon

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Tannan and the Colorado Stonework’s Team for the care, customization, and diligent work your team has done for our yard. We have lived in our Briargate home since 1995; 18 years. We had the yard professionally landscaped when we had the home built and the trees and shrubs have been beautiful each season. Our one concern over the years, however, was that our front yard grass had dead spots here and there and was just never lush and green. We didn’t care so much about the back yard, but we really wanted the front yard to be a showcase, well, at least as much as it could realistically be. 🙂 We hired two different national yard care teams over the years, the first one didn’t seem to care about the dead spots we were concerned about, they just mowed over them and sent us our monthly bill. The second National team did the same thing, even though we told them about the first company’s apparent disregard. So, we stopped their service, too. We pretty much gave up and hired the lawn service our neighbors were using for weekly mowing and trimming since my husband and I are both disabled and can no longer wield a lawn mower or get on our knees to trim and edge like we want.

In 2011, we decided to move to xeriscaping some areas of our lawn and redo a lot of our original landscaping since Colorado Springs had been going through many drought years and water restrictions and it didn’t look like it was going to change. We found your site on the internet, then read the references on Angie’s list, then called and made an appointment with Tannan. He came over and listened and listened and mostly I talked his ears off on what I would love for my ideal lawn and new design to look like, especially in the front yard. My husband Neil and I lamented over our attempts at never having a front lawn like we wanted. We actually had our neighbors come over and ask us why we were paying for a lawn service since they were not succeeding with their “attempts” to fix our front yard. Our neighbors were doing their own fertilizer treatments and weed applications and their lawns looked gorgeous. There we were with a leopard spotted front yard with dead spots everywhere, feeling dumb that we were paying for pretty much nothing.

Tannan returned a few weeks later with a xeriscape design for one side of the house and for the back yard. It was wonderful and turned out gorgeous. He had truly listened to what types of flowering bushes I wanted in the back so that we would attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Seems trite, but how lovely to sit on our back deck and watch the nature flourish.

Best of all is the team Tannan set up for our lawn care. Nick and Colin come every Friday to mow and trim, and, YAY: inspect. I had mentioned how one of my pet peeves was weeds growing between sidewalk and driveway cracks. I wanted sharply trimmed edges, very pristine and groomed shrubbery in the front, not haphazard overgrown bushes and wild flowers, etc. The guys are wonderful, polite, friendly, and so very professional and knowledgeable!!! I called you one day for something and just happened to ask if the lawn guys would look at a large dead spot of grass in our front yard (5′ x 3’ish) and report if we needed to re-sod or re-seed or what. I really didn’t hope for much with 16 years of “whatever, just mow” results in the past from other companies. I fully expected to hear that we would have to re-sod the whole front yard since no one could seem to get a handle on the dead spots after 18 years. Unbeknownst to me, you were furiously writing down my ramblings. Lo and behold, Nick and Colin showed up the following scheduled Friday and reseeded the whole front yard, and then took special care to rake out and reseed the big dead spot which they decided was just winter-kill. We carefully followed their watering instructions and about 2 weeks later, sprigs of green grass were springing up like a 17-year old boy’s new beard. lol Now, it’s so lush you can’t even tell there ever was a dead spot there!!! Here’s the greatest news: Two different neighbors have come over when they’ve seen us outside and asked us what we were doing with our yard, it looked so nice! 18 years. We are singing your praises and referring anyone who will listen. Tannan, Nick, and Colin have made our front and back yard the pride of the neighborhood, in spite of this year’s watering restrictions which, of course, we follow religiously. 🙂

So, thank you for reading my 18 year novel of landscaping/lawn experiences with our home. We are so happy and relieved to have found your company and to get to know your team. You have all been so nice and understanding, and so professional and knowledgeable! Just a wonderful breath of fresh air. I wish I had front yard ‘before and after’ pictures for you. We are so glad to feel we are getting our money’s worth and our lawn is in good hands.

Dawn Schoon