La Salle Street

  FEATURED PROJECT La Sella SUSTAINABLE AESTHETICS AT LA SALLE At our La Salle project in Colorado Springs, we’ve merged enduring design with eco-conscious xeriscaping. Our retaining wall provides steadfast elegance, while the drought-resistant plants uphold the local ethos. Witness this fusion of utility and sustainability in the images below.

Preble Drive

  FEATURED PROJECT Preble Drive Preble Drive Xeriscape Pathway On Prebel Drive, a gracefully arranged flagstone walkway serves as the centerpiece of our xeriscaping project. Surrounded by a sustainable selection of drought-resistant plants, rich mulch, and natural rock accents, this pathway guides you through an eco-conscious garden with ease and elegance. Its design is both …

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FEATURED PROJECT Edgefield Drive ELEGANT SIMPLICITY ON EDGEFIELD Discover sustainable and elegant landscaping with our Edgefield project. A meandering flagstone path leads through a vibrant xeriscape garden, flourishing with low-water plants and accented by natural rock features. It’s a low-maintenance, high-impact space that’s as kind to the environment as it is to the eye. All …

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2nd Street

FEATURED PROJECT 2nd Street TRANQUILITY MEETS DESIGN ON 2ND STREET Our 2nd Street project in Colorado Springs artfully combines functionality with serene aesthetics, featuring a meandering path of pavers, vibrant planter beds enclosed by a retaining wall, and a tranquil water feature. Check out the pictures below to see this beautiful landscaping project. All Retaining …

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