We're Going Green!

Colorado Stoneworks is going GREEN!

Here’s what we’re doing to help the environment.

All paper used is 100% replanted!

100replantedThis includes printer paper, envelopes, magazine subscriptions and more!


Each human uses an average of 65 cubic feet of wood every year – equivalent to six 12-14″ diameter trees – in paper and wood products. Worldwide, tree harvesting far outstrips replanting, threatening the clean water, air supplies, and livelihoods of many people. How can you help? You can replant the trees you use quickly and easily by joining the 100% Replanted program.

We are working to promote water efficiency in landscaping and irrigation systems.

All natural waste materials are dumped at Rocky Top Resources and are recycled into usable landscaping materials like mulch, fertilizer, and more!

Any material wastes that can be recycled are! This includes broken or damaged copper piping, aluminum, steel, and more.

All employees and owners recycle any aluminum, plastic, paper, and glass waste created on the job site or in the vehicles.

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