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Lawn MaintenanceLawn Maintainance by Colorado StoneWorks Landscaping

  • Mow and trim of entire lawn area and blowing of clippings off of walkways and driveways
  • Edging done as needed throughout the season
  • Clippings are generally mulched because it is a natural fertilizer for the lawn, but bagging of clippings can be done upon request.
  • Average cost is $40 a mow

Yard Clean-ups

  • Organized to customer’s specifications. Generally entails the removal of any leaves, pine needles, or dead branches from the property and any trimming of hedges, bushes, or trees as requested.
  • $80/hr (for 2 men’s labor) plus dump fees for any waste materials ($15 per cubic yard)

Fire Mitigation

  • $80/hr plus waste ($15 per cubic yard)

Hedge and Tree Trimming

  • Trimming of hedges and trees to customer’s specifications.
  • $80/hr (for 2 men’s labor) plus dump fees for any waste materials ($15 per cubic yard).


  • Increases water absorption capabilities of the lawn
  • Recommended in both Spring and Fall
  • Starting at $40

Custom Landscape Design and Builds

Custom means custom! All designs are created for each customer’s needs and can be tailored to meet any budget! All estimates are free, but custom designs come at an additional cost. See some of our workWater Features by Colorado StoneWorks Landscaping - Colorado Springs Landscapers

Fence Installation and Repair

  • New fence installation
  • Fence repair

See some of our fence work

Power Raking

  • Removes the dead thatch from the turf area.
  • Starting at $80/hr


  • Offer general weed and feed fertilization as well as spring start up fertilization and winterize fertilizer applications.
  • Recommend in spring, once or twice during the summer, and once in the fall.
  • Prices based on current product pricing.

Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance

  • Spring sprinkler turn-on – $55
  • Sprinkler Blow-out – $55 for systems up to 8 zones, $7 per zone above 8 zones
  • General Sprinkler repairs – $55 an hour plus materials

Hauling and Waste Removal

  • $80/hr for loading and removing plus dump fees ($15 per cubic yard)

Snow Removal

  • Plowing starting at $110/hr
  • Residential Snow Removal starting at $40 (includes the use of ice melt)

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